SAGA mounting bracket

SAGA mounting bracket


SAGA mounting bracket for mounting a SAGA 32+ ot 64+ Data Recorder to a patient. It also allows to mount the SAGA Data Recorder or SAGA Docking Station to a IV pole, the wall or Medical DIN adapter.

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The SAGA mounting bracket has various ways of connecting it to the wall, an IV pole, medical DIN wall adapters or the patient itself. The holes are designed in a way that the device can be mounted and carried in different configuratoins and ways. The click-finger on the end secures the device in a way that it can even be used during sports such as running, cycling or high-impact sports that involves jumping. The Data Recorder is the only part that is to be worn on the body. The Docking Station, or Data Recorder / Docking Station combination can be mounted to an IV pole, the wall or medical DIN rail.

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 2 cm


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